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Mission Statement


Together Everyone Achieves More – T  E  A  M


We believe that every child who comes to Marksville Elementary is worthy of respect, deep consideration and the best professional guidance.  We value and respect each child’s right to develop his own unique self according to those values he deems important.  The development of these values is a major part of his education process.


We believe that it is our obligation to challenge each child to achieve his personal potential.  It is our responsibility to help him develop those understandings, skills, and attitudes to help him to become an effective human being.


We believe, too, that the education of a child is not limited to what he experiences in school but includes all of his experiences and the manner and degree to which these affect his thinking, attitudes, and behavior.  We, therefore, need to cooperate with the home, community, and social agencies and utilize their resources for the benefit of the child.


As those who assume a major role in the child’s process of education, we believe that our most important consideration is what happens to him/her in the teaching-learning situation at school.  Among all factors to enter into this situation, we consider the teacher to be most crucial.  With his/her own unique personality, he/she influences the dynamics of relationships and learning in the classroom.